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January 2008

The views on the following tobaccos are those of the reviewer, Charles Hill. If you have a different opinion, please let us know by sending us an email at

Tobacco Reviews January 2008

Charles Hill

Waccamaw by Low Country Tobaccos

This broken flake is composed of bright Virginias from the eastern Carolinas and red Virginias, plus Perique and Turkish Izmir. The Perique and Izmir in this blend are handled with great restraint, remaining in the background. The great tobaccos of the Carolinas stand out in this masterful blend. Naturally sweet, yet full tasting, it is indeed a satisfying. Though I kept waiting for rough edges to emerge as I smoked my first bowl of this superb stuff, none ever appeared. I fully expect Waccamaw to age into something approaching ambrosia. Do get some to cellar immediately. This one has my highest recommendation.

Cooper by Low Country Tobaccos

I suppose that this flake has the same base of bright Virginias from the eastern Carolinas and fine red Virginias (as Waccamaw) to which are added “choice Orientals? and Cyprian Latakia. Now, I am not a Latakia-phile; when much Latakia is used, I find so many blends one-dimensional in taste. It overwhelms the subtle flavours of less pungent tobaccos. I am happy to report that this is not the case with Cooper. The Orientals and Latakia only compliment the other two leafs. This light-hearted approach has produced a gem: sweet nuanced and satisfying. To my taste, this certainly is deserving of the exceptional description. As good an English flake as can be found.

Santee by Low Country Tobaccos

This is an aromatic concoction with a “fruity, with hints of apple? topping applied. I smoked a bowl of this stuff in my five-dollar special pipe, as I never dreamed of putting anything like this in any of my much-valued pipes. The word to describe this blend is, “ghastly?, cloying dreck to the bottom of the bowl. One-dimensional and boring, I would recommend giving a sample of this to anyone you want to discourage from pipe smoking. The wide appeal of these flavoured mixes escapes me. I couldn’t find a trace of tobacco flavour in all that “fruity-hints of apple?. Avoid this blend like the plaque.